Hello, how are you? We hope you managed to read through the site and that you got a good overview of what we’re capable of. We always like to get to know someone on a personal level as well so we thought we tell you a little bit more about the founder of The Social Hunter.

Uli was born and raised in Germany until she moved to Vienna to study theatre, film, and media. She loves challenges, especially when it comes to using her creativity. That’s probably why she moved to London although her English wasn’t perfect at that time. Moving to Singapore was another challenge she couldn’t resist taking on. She has learned a lot living in South East Asia and she discovered that she’s a huge lover of seasons which she missed living in Singapore.

Never stop learning! That’s what she lives up to every day. No matter how much she has already learned there is always more knowledge to gain. When it comes to reading books you’re likely to see her reading about psychology and society; a hobby of hers. Her favourite author is Erich Fromm. Human beings are such an interesting species and it’s fun to read about their behaviours. This definitely helps to analyse social media behaviour as well.

If she has to describe herself in three words they would be:

  • Creativity
  • Learning
  • Challenges

It would be a pleasure meeting you soon. We can definitely make a change together.

Email Uli (Ulrike Schulz) directly at uli@thesocialhunter.net or use the contact form here.