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Feed The Streets

Challenge: Paul, the founder of the social enterprise Feed The Streets, had a vague idea of his business and needed some help to get started.

Solution: We helped setting up all their social media channels with a strategy to communicate the mission. Furthermore, we created content for social media and increased their community, which led to a lot of interest from individuals as well as related companies. The response has been overwhelming, especially because charities and social enterprises struggle to get the relevant support they need in the beginning. Last but not least, we built a simple website with WordPress as well.

Story: Paul was raised in an ethnically rich, economically poor area of London. His mum experienced homelessness more than once whilst raising his older brothers – he has six.

His curiosity for food was piqued at an early age by the exotic packed lunches his school friends used to bring in, made by their parents from magical far-flung places – the Indian sub-continent, Africa, and the Caribbean.

He quit a career making fat cats fatter to find something that would positively impact other people’s lives. He travelled across South East Asia and over 9 months and as many countries, fell in love with incredible street food from Vietnam to Japan, Hong Kong to Laos, Thailand to Taiwan.

He also saw how utterly reliant most vendors were on selling street food for their survival – feeding people on the streets was keeping them off the streets. Though a hard way of life, he saw the potential for street food to positively impact lives.

Back home, he decided to start a street food business and the idea developed. What if we could directly help those affected by homelessness through training and employment? A donation pound works once, but a reinvested pound works many times. So Feed The Streets was born.

Feedback: “Uli is a joy to work with. Resourceful and proactive,  she has been instrumental in establishing our Social Media presence and website. Within six weeks we had hundreds of followers on both Instagram and Twitter, both of which are generating conversations and opportunities. I can’t recommend Uli highly enough.”


Feed The Streets - Found Some Paper


Feed The Streets - Found Some Paper


Feed The Streets - Found Some Paper


Feed The Streets - Found Some Paper


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