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Denisa Piatti Jewellery

Challenge: The client wanted to be more successful on Instagram.

Solution: I created a document showcasing the tips and tricks the client can use to get more attention on Instagram.

Story: Denisa Piatti is a Washington DC based jeweller and maker. Her life’s journey and dedication led her to design and making jewellery. Her inspiration is nature and her purpose is to combine precious with non-precious materials through traditional craftsmanship to show the beauty of materials in different ways.

Feedback: “Working with Uli was so far one of the best decisions I have made for my business. I contacted Uli as I needed help with my Instagram account and needed a professional advice that would improve my business presence on social media. She had analyzed my Instagram profile and pointed out my strengths and weaknesses in detail for me. She provided me with a 10-page strategy where she explained bit by bit what and how I needed to change or improve my Instagram account. Until today, I have a posting schedule hanging in my studio from her that keeps me staying on top of things. My Instagram account and presence has improved a lot as well as the general image on my brand thanks to Uli and her professional advice.”




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